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Friday, July 11, 2014

New arrivals - Metallic steel colors in Florida and Gizeh styles

Just in!  The Florida and Gizeh in eye-catching Steel colors
Birkenstock Florida (front) and Gizeh (rear)
 Get more details on the Birkenstock Florida and Birkenstock Gizeh and other new arrivals on the BirkenstockExpress.com website.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Papillio Alyssa - high-heeled comfort from Birkenstock

Papillio Alyssa - A Birkenstock with high heels!
High-heeled Birkenstocks?  Yes - Birkenstock high heels are coming for Spring of 2015 from the Birkenstock Papillio brand.  Maybe the heel isn't very high by fashion standards but for Birkenstock this is a big deal!  Birkenstock has made styles with heels in the past and the Papillio brand from Birkenstock is introducing a new high-heeled footbed next year.

Keep an eye on the Papillio brand page and the New Arrivals page for the latest developments from the Papillio brand

Monday, July 7, 2014

And... something you've seen before is coming back from Papillio...

Papillio is carrying on with the brand's tradition of being innovative and colorful while holding on to the Birkenstock values of solid construction, high-quality materials and supportive cork footbeds. In Spring 2015 we will see the return of platform soles on some classic styles, Arizona and Gizeh.

Birkenstock platform Arizona sandal
Coming for Spring 2015 - Birkenstock Papillio Arizona with platform soles

Keep an eye on the Birkenstock Papillio brand page for updates on where this Birkenstock brand is heading -